Boston Steakhouse Commissions $10,000 Instagram Table For Picture-Perfect Food Photos

The brains behind Boston's newest steakhouse understand that social media influence goes a long way, so they commissioned a $10,000 "Instagram Table" to aid diners in photographing their 18-ounce bone-in ribeyes. Boston Chops, which first opened in the city's South End in 2013, unveiled the prop at its brand-new location in Downtown Crossing.

Owners Chris Coombs and Brian Piccini met with social media influencers, architects, and professional photographers to design a space where movers and shakers can snap food photos effortlessly. The table has customizable features controlled by the guests via a mobile app. These include moveable arm lights, adjustable light intensities, and adjustable color temperature settings.

"Social media is a big part of the dining scene today and we didn't have to think about it when we opened Boston Chops South End five years ago," Coombs said in a release. "Now, it is imperative that photos of restaurant interior and food are beautiful when they are posted online by influencers. It is a great marketing tool for people to see our food, décor and cocktails and hopefully entice them to check it out for themselves."

To score a seat at Boston Chops' Instagram Table, consumers must call ahead to reserve it. Those who aren't so fortunate can post up in another seat at the 10,000-square-foot restaurant for raw oysters, oxtail croquettes, herb-marinated heart, onion ring towers with spicy aïoli, and more.

Don't worry, your image won't suffer. A spokesperson for the brand says there are other "Instagrammable moments" throughout the space that incorporate "design components, art, signs, and backgrounds for photos made for social media." For other ways to spruce up your profile, visit the most Instagrammable place in every state.