IHOP Now Serves Italian Cannoli and Mexican Churro Pancakes

Holy cannoli! It’s never too early for dessert

Breakfast or dessert? Why choose? To help you get a little sweet fix at the start of your day, IHOP is now selling Italian cannoli pancakes and Mexican churro pancakes. The two sweet treats are the latest additions to the diner chain’s international pancake menu.

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Let’s examine the Italian cannoli offering first. No, they’re not really cannoli, which as Italians and dessert fans of all nationalities know would require a crispy pastry shell, not fluffy pancakes, to hold the filling. But they sure look like the classically delicious treat. IHOP’s version consists of buttermilk pancakes rolled and filled with sweet ricotta cream and chocolate pieces, and then topped with crunchy cannoli pieces, chocolate chips and creamy whipped topping.

The Mexican churro pancakes take their inspiration from the familiar fried-dough snack that’s usually dusted with sugar and cinnamon (and beloved by Disneyphiles). At IHOP, they consist of buttermilk pancakes layered with warm cinnamon spread, crunchy mini-churros and sweet cream cheese icing and crowned with whipped topping.

We’re guessing diners will still drizzle these two international pancake options with syrup, but really, with all these sweet, sugary layers, you may want to just dig in without it.


IHOP told The Daily Meal that both pancake varieties will be on the menu indefinitely. The website shows both varieties priced at $12.69. The new flavors fill a dessert niche and look just as creative as some of the best pancakes in America.