IHOP Put A Big Pancake In A Pizza Box And Called It A 'Pancizza'

National Pizza Day is on the horizon, and IHOP wants in on the fun. There's no 'za on the menu at this breakfast chain, though, so the brains behind the brand have made a pancake pizza. From February 8 to February 10, residents of Chicago, Dallas, New York City and Los Angeles can order a 7-inch "Pancizza" via DoorDash. The mashup may seem gross at first glance, but if you're imagining pepperoni, anchovies and mozzarella on a pancake — don't. This frankenfection is just a large pancake in a cardboard takeout box.

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Three available flavors include Original Buttermilk, Bacon and Cheddar, and Cupcake (with frosting, rainbow sprinkles and whipped cream!) for $4.99 a pop. Each comes with a variety of IHOP syrups, too: blueberry, strawberry, butter pecan and old-fashioned. (The real question here is whether or not the syrup packets will sing "Bohemian Rhapsody.") First-time DoorDash users can unlock free delivery with code "PANCIZZA," and anyone who spends $10 or more can have their food delivered for free from February 8 through February 14 with the code "IHOPDELIVERY."

On actual National Pizza Day — Saturday, February 9 — IHOP will open up shop inside the Big Apple's legendary Bleecker Street Pizza for one day only. From 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., street walkers can venture inside for a free slice of the fluffy limited-edition treat. If you want a real pie with red sauce and melty cheese, any of America's favorite pizza chains will do.