I Tried Pringles Top Ramen Flavor And Had College Dorm Room Flashbacks

Taste is transportive. Your mouth identifies a flavor and your mind immediately takes you back to a time when you had that food or even just smelled it. Your sense of taste is pretty much a time machine of memories, and nothing will take you back to college faster than Top Ramen Chicken flavor Pringles.

When the chips were first released in 2017, people scrambled to get them like they do to enroll in afternoon classes, and the hit snack is now back exclusively at Dollar General stores through summer for $1.50 a can. These Pringles are lightly dusted with a neon yellow powder to really evoke Nissin's Top Ramen, and they smell exactly like Nissin's chicken soup broth. If you close your eyes, you might as well be enjoying a late-night bowl of steaming curly ramen noodles while you Netflix an episode of Friends with your roommates.

Top Ramen Chicken flavor Pringles taste like long nights sitting in front of a library computer cramming for an environmental science midterm while shoveling microwaved noodles into your mouth. They're salty like trying to ration campus dining dollars at the end of the semester. They're just as comforting and aromatic as the halls of your dorm, and if you listen closely, in between crunching you might be able hear someone strumming "Wonderwall" out on the quad.

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Food samples for review were provided by their producers at no cost to the writer.