How To Peel And Core An Apple

Apples are perfect for an after-school snack or for baking into an impressive dessert. But when it comes to cooking with apples, they can be kind of a pain. The core makes them difficult to slice, and who wants to peel their fruit? Well, luckily for you, we've tracked down a great method that will put the struggle of preparing an apple to rest once and for all.

The Best Apple Orchards in America

Apple-picking season begins in September, and before you head out to pluckĀ pecks of your favorite varieties, here's the simple method for preparing them for your favorite recipes. To start peeling your apples, you should grab a paring knife or a peeler. If you're using a paring knife, start at the top of the apple and move clockwise while you remove the skin. If you're using a peeler, you should also start at the top of the appleĀ but move the peeler downwards away from you.

Once the skin is off, you can use the knife to cut out the stem on the top and the bottom. Then cut the apple into halves and the quarters. When removing the core, start at the top of each slice with the knife and pull down, forming a crescent moon shape while you cut the core out.

There you have it, this simple technique for peeling and de-coring an apple will make your cooking adventures much easier. And now that you know how to properly prepare an apple, it's time to bake with it. Before diving in yourself, first take some inspiration from some of the best places to get apple pie in America.