Hershey's Newest Kisses Taste Like Lava Cake

Valentine's Day chocolate is the best chocolate. It's meant to be rich, decadent and even molten. Hershey's has released a new Kiss flavor that's on trend with the lovey-dovey holiday, and it's meant to taste like one of the most indulgent chocolate desserts out there: lava cake.

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These limited-edition Lava Cake Hershey's Kisses are inspired by the dessert they're named after, which feature a sweet chocolate cake with a warm gooey chocolate "lava" sauce center that pours out when the cake is pierced with a fork.

Thus, the Hershey's treats feature a smooth melted cocoa center — but keep in mind not a hot molten one — surrounded by a dark chocolate Kiss. They are currently available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $3.89 anywhere Hershey's Kisses are sold.

This isn't Hershey's only foray into turning favorite chocolate treats into Kisses. Their last seasonal flavor, Hot Cocoa Kisses, debuted in October 2018. And who knows? These new Kisses may just top this year's ranking of the best Valentine's Day candies.