Hershey's New Hot Cocoa Kisses Are Bursting With Marshmallow Creme

We're calling it how we see it: Hot cocoa is the holiday flavor of 2018. Target recently announced M&M's that taste just like the decadent winter drink, and Hershey's is following suit. The chocolate giant just unveiled new hot cocoa Kisses — the newest seasonal flavor to hit shelves within the last 10 years.

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Everyone knows no hot cocoa is complete without marshmallows on top. It's just a fact of life. Hershey's knows what's up, though, because not only are these Kisses hot cocoa-flavored, but they also contain a marshmallow creme center. All you need is a crackling fireplace, a big fluffy blanket and a gorgeous winter wonderland snow situation — to gaze at from inside the confines of a comfortably warm living space, of course.

New hot cocoa Kisses are available for a limited time only in 8-ounce bags for $3.49 and 10-ounce bags for $3.99. Hershey's is also restocking candy cane Kisses and the classic Kisses that come in festive silver, red and green foils. Can anybody say, "stocking stuffers"? Although Jesus' birthday is technically still a hop, skip and jump away, we're all about spreading Christmas cheer near and far for all to hear. Take for example the best small towns for Christmas displays, guaranteed to light up your life through the holiday season.