Jeanne Z./ Yelp

Gold-Covered Chocolate is Sold at this Portland, Oregon, Shop

It’s about as luxurious as it gets

Jeanne Z./ Yelp

With its rich flavor and velvety texture, chocolate can definitely be considered luxurious. But one Portland, Oregon, chocolate shop is taking chocolatey luxury to the next level. 

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So how does rich and creamy small batch chocolate get even more luxurious? At Alma, it’s made with gold. That’s right: this chocolate shop carefully molds 74 percent single-estate dark chocolate and then paints on 23-karat edible gold leaf to create its Icons collection, which comes in shapes including a jeweled crown, a flaming heart and a cute robot holding a heart. They sell for $20 a pop, and are perfect for a special occasion.

Alma incorporates unexpected locally-sourced flavors into their handmade confections like habanero, fig and lavender. The shop is located in Northeast Portland and has expanded from humble beginnings to add a full baking and drinking chocolate program. There are plenty of reasons to eat chocolate every day, and Alma has you covered. 


Alma ships its confections nationwide, but if you want to order these gold-covered chocolates for yourself, you may want to check back often: as of press time, they’re sold out. Don’t worry, though; you can find world-class chocolates all over the country at America’s best chocolate shops.