Getting to Know Dallas Chef John Tesar

We spent some time with John Tesar during our most recent visit to his steakhouse, Knife, in Dallas

Chef John Tesar of Knife and Spoon Bar & Kitchen in Dallas.

We recently dined at chef John Tesar’s superb Dallas steakhouse, Knife, and after our meal were able to catch up with the man who created such a great venue that local Texans and tourist can brag about to their friends and neighbors. Not a man to mince words, we asked him a few questions to gain further insight into this intense chef’s mind.

What kind of experience do you want someone walking into Knife for the first time to have?
I want people to have a wonderful dinner with a professional and friendly staff, and know they made the right choice to dine with us.

What are some of most favorable memories as a chef? 

Sex, drugs, and rock n' roll [laughs]. Honestly, all the wonderful opportunities I've been afforded during my career.

If you could dine with anyone in history who would it be? 

Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald during the 1920s the A Moveable Feast era.

If you could cook with anyone in history who would that be and what would you prepare?

Eric Ripert and obviously some fish.

What advice would you give an aspiring chef or a culinary student?

Put your head down and work. Forget about fame. Try to be an individual.

What would you order of your own menu?


Knife is a one of a kind steak house in a city famous for them. When in Dallas, stop in and enjoy some of the best steaks and service of your life.