'Game Of Thrones' Oreos Will Be Embossed With Symbols Of The Show

Will Jon Snow ever find out about his real parents? Will Daenerys Targaryen ride her dragons to the top of the Iron Throne? Will the surviving Stark children ever live in peace? There are so many unanswered questions about "Game of Thrones," which returns to HBO on April 14 for its eighth and final season. But the question of what to snack on while watching has now been answered: "Game of Thrones" Oreos are officially coming.

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These special cookies have been rumored for a while, but they were surrounded by as much mystery as the show's final scripts. Now, however, we have details.

The special "Game of Thrones" Oreo packages will have four different cookies, three highlighting great families of the show while one shows off their icy enemy, the White Walkers. There's a direwolf cookie for House Stark, a lion for House Lannister and a dragon for House Targaryen. The ominous being known as the Night King is featured on the White Walker cookie. These Oreos feature the original chocolate cookie and white cream. No special flavors here, for which we're thankful, because dragon-flavored Oreos sound awful.

Fans are encouraged to name their favorite cookie at oreo.com or by visiting Oreo's Facebook and Twitter accounts and using #GameofCookies and #ForTheThrone.

"Oreo will surprise select fans throughout the season with a special treat for participating," the company said in a statement. Maybe they'll send a dragon over with a case of Oreos? We can dream.

And soon, Oreo will be releasing a video created in collaboration with Elastic, the company that created the "Game of Thrones" opening sequence. It'll display an animated landscape built entirely out of 2,750 Oreo cookies.

The new Oreos will be available beginning April 8 nationwide wherever Oreo cookies are sold, while supplies last. As for the show itself, it returns to HBO on April 14, and the final season has only six episodes. GOT-themed Oreos are pretty creative, but it remains to be seen whether they rank among the craziest Oreo varieties ever.