How To Get Free McDonald's Fries Every Week This Year

The only thing better than French fries? Free French fries, of course. Luckily from now through the end of this year, McDonald's has got your back.

The fast food chain rang in National French Fry Day on July 13 by by revealing the promotion on social media. "Free. Fries. Today," they taunted customers. And it wasn't just a one-Friday-only thing. Indeed, you can eat your fill of McDonald's iconic French fries every Friday in 2018 for free.

How do you get such a delicious deal? All you have to do is download a free app to your phone and spend $1 on some other delicious item. (Luckily, McDonald's has an entire Dollar Menu of items that make the cut.)

To unlock the offer, Mickey D's fans simply need to download the app and register. Then they can enjoy French fries galore — along with many other deals the app offers, including things like $1 McDoubles and coffees.

The offer lasts until the end of the year. So for the rest of 2018, you can get a nice medium-sized order of the chain's greasy, salty French fries for free. This is probably not part of McDonald's recent push to offer healthier options to customers. But Twitter doesn't care — they're already lovin' it.


Sure, your blood pressure might not. But we won't tell your doctor if you don't.

This deal is looking like it's going to be a success — much better than these other menu items McDonald's tried that turned out to be total fails.