All The Food and Drink Millennials ‘Killed’ in 2018

Millennials, the silent killer
Millennials Killed
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Dearly beloved, we’ve gathered here to say our goodbyes. Here they lie, all the food- and drink-related things that millennials mercilessly killed in 2018. These items and activities weren't necessarily good for us, but they were nonetheless absolutely treasured traditions for previous generations

All The Food and Drink Millennials 'Killed' in 2018 Gallery

Now they've been taken from us too soon! Those convenience-hungry, healthy alternative-seeking millennials born between 1981 and 1996 went on a killing spree in 2018, digging early graves for the beer industry, the bar industry, mayonnaise, canned tuna, American cheese and more. Not only would millennials rather Postmates sushi, take selfies and stay home to drink, they’d also rather buy trendy cheeses and healthier fats and guzzle craft beer than fill their shopping carts with the foodstuffs their parents and grandparents consumed.


R.I.P. to the good times! The Daily Meal has trolled the internet (while the internet trolled millennials) collecting the names of the deceased and compiling a list of foods and drinks that you probably grew up enjoying but that millennials — now the world's most powerful consumers — have stopped buying. We're here to pay our respects to all the food and drink millennials killed in 2018