Florida Woman Throws Hot Nacho Cheese On 7-Eleven Clerk After Being Denied Service

A woman in Florida was taken into custody after she threw hot nacho cheese on a cashier at 7-Eleven. According to the Palm Bay Daily, 31-year-old Stephanie L. Hicks walked into the convenience store in Melbourne at 1:50 a.m. on October 12 for a sandwich and side of liquid cheese, which she wasn't authorized to obtain on her own. An employee asked Hicks not to open the cheese dispenser, which apparently she didn't like — she later told officers she didn't appreciate the clerk's attitude.

When Hicks approached the counter to pay for her food, she was denied service. In a fit of rage, she threw both her sandwich and the cup of gooey cheese, which went all over the clerk's hands and feet. While waiting for police to arrive on the scene, she told the cheese-covered employee that "the customer is always right."

Hicks was arrested and taken to Brevard County Jail, where she was charged with battery. For more unconventional wrongdoings, check out the 10 funniest drunk arrests in the U.S.