Taylor Ham
Austin Murphy/Wikimedia Commons

Fight Over Taylor Ham in New Jersey Ends in Arrest

The aggressor was also booked on assault charges

A New Jersey man has been arrested after he allegedly punched another man multiple times over stolen ham. According to Long Valley Patch, police received a call about a fight at an apartment building in Hackettstown at 2:45 a.m. on Sept. 30. When officials arrived on the scene, they found one man with a swollen face. They later discovered that 19-year-old Christian Guerra had punched him repeatedly because of a dispute over a stolen Taylor ham. He was arrested and was charged with assault.

“Taylor Pork Roll” is a breakfast meat worshipped in New Jersey, where it’s commonly used in sandwiches. Trenton, New Jersey, held its fourth annual Pork Roll Festival this year, and in 2015, then-President Barack Obama opened his commencement speech at Rutgers University by addressing the “Taylor ham” versus “pork roll” debate — a yearslong argument over which term fans will use to describe their beloved sandwich. He continued, “There's not much I'm afraid to take on in my final year of office, but I know better than to get in the middle of that debate.”

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Police say the ham-battery may have also been fueled by stolen beer. It’s unclear whether or not the two were intoxicated, but we can’t say the same for those involved in the 10 funniest drunk arrests in the U.S.