Drumstick Cereal Is Almost Like Having Dessert For Breakfast

Inspired by the popular ice cream cones, General Mills has launched Drumstick cereal just days after the announcement of the company's new Fillows crème-filled cereal. Boxes are hitting Walmart shelves this week, and Popsugar reports that the cereal will be available nationwide come summer.

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Made with sweetened corn and wheat, Drumstick cereal comes in two flavors: Classic Vanilla and Mint Chocolate. It's perfect for people who love the taste of those chocolate-filled ice cream cone tips — or for anyone who just loves having something sweet first thing in the morning. Reactions on the internet, however, have been mixed. 

"What are we even doing now..." asked Twitter user @JeffDLowe.  

"The right thing," responded another user, @MGolicJR57. 

"I haven't ate cereal in years, but this will bring me back in the cereal eating game 100% i [sic] might even put them in the freezer first," shared @PharrMike1.  

A few people have managed to get their hands on the cereal already, some sharing their thoughts on social media as well. 

"It's just Golden Grahams with chocolate and vanilla puffs. It's fine," said @MattWaters9, who gave the cereal a 6.1 out of 10. "I would eat them if it's all I had. The flavors all combine well, but I'm just not a huge fan of vanilla and chocolate." 

For those who do enjoy chocolate or vanilla, however, the cereal will at the very least bring some nostalgia, as well as a sugary start to the day. It's almost as good as having dessert for breakfast

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