The Daily Dish: This Woman Made a Hilarious ‘Couples’ Christmas Card With Pizza

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This Woman Made a Hilarious ‘Couples’ Christmas Card With Pizza

There is no holiday tradition quite as cheesy as the family Christmas card, and one woman has decided to take “cheesy” to a whole new level with a “couples’ card” dedicated to her love of pizza. Sarah Collins recently uploaded an image to Reddit of a three-image Christmas card poking fun of typical holiday greetings poses. In one image, she is hugging a tree with a box of pizza on the other side, in another she is biting into a pie (actually a pizza-shaped pillow), and in the third she is holding up an ultrasound printout of her new bundle of joy (Surprise! It’s a slice of pizza!). The image quickly got thousands of shares and upvotes on both Reddit and Imgur, and has since made the rounds on the internet.  


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FDA Gives Green Light for ‘Rosé,’ Del Monte’s Genetically Engineered Pink Pineapple

Last week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration completed its evaluation of Del Monte Fresh Produce’s patented pink pineapples and concluded they were safe to produce. The pineapple, known as “Rosé,” passed the FDA’s evaluation with “no unresolved safety or regulatory questions,” according to the FDA website. The Rosé has been genetically engineered to contain more lycopene — the natural pigment found in tomatoes and watermelons that gives the fruits their pink and red hues. In terms of taste, the pink fruit will be marketed as an “extra sweet pink flesh pineapple,” differentiating it from the conventional golden pineapple.


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McDonald’s Is Going to Start Delivering Big Macs to Your Door

Getting your fast-food fix could soon become “uber” fast. McDonald’s is teaming up with UberEATS to test out home delivery in select Florida markets. Approximately 200 restaurants in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami will be accepting digital orders through the UberEATS website or mobile app starting in late January. If the test run is successful, people could soon be ordering McNuggets and fries to their door all over the country.


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Japanese Convenience Store Upgrades Checkout System With Register Robot

Lawson Inc., a convenience store chain in Japan, has teamed up with Panasonic to test out an employee-free register that performs transactions and bags products for customers. The register robot, dubbed “Reji Robo,” debuted last week at a Lawson location in OsakaThe Japan Times reported. Upon entering the store, customers will receive a shopping basket with a sensor, swipe products at checkout, and the basket will slide through a hole at the cashier table to automatically pack the items in a bag. The company plans to eventually release the Reji Robo in stores nationwide.



Each American Consumes 77 Pounds of Sugar Annually


Americans may be becoming more health-conscious, but recent data shows we have a long way to go when it comes to our dietary Kryptonite: sugar. New data from PEW Research Center claimed each American ate on average about 77 pounds of sugar every year. That’s about 90 grams of sugar daily, much more than the World Health Organization suggests (25 grams for women, 37.5 for men). Overall, we’re consuming less pure sugar than in previous generations but more artificial corn sweeteners