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The Daily Dish: Wait, What? Skittles Spilled on Wisconsin Highway Were Meant for Livestock Feed

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Wait, What? Skittles Spilled on Wisconsin Highway Were Meant for Livestock Feed

A highway spill last week in Wisconsin is raising eyebrows. A truck carrying discarded red Skittles spilled its cargo onto the icy road of the Dodge County Highway on Tuesday night. Passersby apparently thought the piles of unmarked red candies were the remains of some unfortunate roadkill accident. "From what I understand, these Skittles were probably rejects from the factory,” Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt told NBC News 12. “They are given out to farmers because apparently they are good nutrients for cattle.” Mars, Inc. has claimed innocence and is launching an investigation into the matter: "We don't know how it ended up as it did and we are investigating,” a company spokesperson said. Apparently, the Skittles were meant to be destroyed because a power outage prevented the signature “S” from being printed on the candies.


Does Burnt Toast Contain a Carcinogen? New Study Says ‘Maybe’

Forgetting about your bread in the toaster may be more than just a smoky inconvenience. New research from the Food Standards Agency in the UK claimed that overly cooked starchy foods like burnt toast and roasted potatoes could be carcinogenic. When starchy foods are cooked above a certain temperature, the chemical compound acrylamide is naturally produced, which is defined by the National Cancer Institute as a “probable human carcinogen” based on experiments with lab mice and rats. The Food Standards Agency said in its research that the warning is not meant to “alarm” anyone, nor would having a piece or two of overcooked toast be of particular concern. “We’re not saying avoid particular foods or groups of foods but vary your diet so you smooth out your risk,” Steve Wearne, FSA director of policy, told The Guardian.

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Pizza Hut Waitress Is No Longer Homeless After Receiving Generous Tip

A waitress at a Pennsylvania Pizza Hut says she is no longer homeless after receiving a generous tip from two kindly customers. Server Krystal Kramer told Fox News she became homeless in December after her apartment flooded. Two customers (who were not at her table) asked Pizza Hut servers if they wanted their leftover pizza. Kramer jumped at the chance, stating that she was homeless and didn’t know where she would sleep that night. “The waitress calls me over. She has her own tip and then she says, ‘This is for me and this is for you.’ It was a tip for $558.33 on a credit card. I couldn’t believe it,” she told Fox News. With that money, as well as funds from her employer’s voluntary benevolent fund, she was able to put down a deposit on an apartment. "That tip absolutely changed my life," Kramer said. 


These Are America’s Cheesiest States (and Wisconsin Isn’t One of Them!)

Which of America’s states is cheese’s biggest fan? Pinterest compiled data to find the most and least cheesiest states based on user data. We’re surprised that Wisconsin did not crack the top 10, but the cheesiest state is Mississippi; the least cheesy is Hawaii. Pinterest also compiled the most-searched and most-pinned cheese-based recipes from each state — regardless of their lactose love (or lack thereof). We’d have to disqualify Vermont (Raw Vegan "Goat" Cheese Dip) and Washington (Vegan Mozzarella Grilled Cheese) for including vegan dishes because, well, that’s cheating.

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Disney Made a Fancy Tea Set for ‘Beauty and the Beast’


Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is coming out soon, but the merchandise is already on the shelves. Among all the toys and costumes is one very posh new tea set: Mrs. Potts, the talking teapot, and her son, Chip, have gotten an upgrade. They no longer look like cartoons, but instead look like they belong on the queen's tea table. The new tea set retails for $249.95 on the Disney Store website, and it’s a limited-edition product with only 2,000 sets available. The whole set is made of fine china and is liberally decorated with gold.