The Daily Dish: Taco Bell UK Creates Kit Kat ‘Quesadilla’

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The Daily Dish - October 26, 2016

Brian Sheehan dishes on what's hot and trending in the world of all things food and drink for Wednesday, October 26, 2016.

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Taco Bell

Taco Bell UK Creates Kit Kat ‘Quesadilla’

Taco Bell UK has released a dessert that’s raising more than a few eyebrows: the Kit Kat Chocodilla. It may sound unappetizing, but Taco Bell has replaced the “queso” part of the quesadilla with Kit Kat chocolate wafers, stuffed into a flour tortilla. The dessert is available in the UK for a limited time for 1.29 GBP ($1.58) with any combo purchase, according to Brand Eating.


Public Domain

Study Shows Cheese Can Enhance Your Wine Drinking Experience

A recent study conducted at the Center for Taste and Feeding Behavior in France has found scientific proof that eating cheese can positively impact the taste of wine. Its findings were published in the October issue of the Journal of Food Science, according to “[F]requent wine and cheese consumers from the city of Dijon” were the subjects of this study, in which four wines were evaluated and paired with four cheeses. The subjects first judged the wines using a sensory evaluation method that measured how perception of the wine on its own and while eating cheese changed over several sips. It was found that eating cheese impacted how the subjects described the wines, as well as their preference for the wines. None of the cheeses had a negative impact on preference. The subjects either liked the wine the same, or even more, after consuming the cheese.


Pizza Hut

This Pizza Tattoo Allows You to Automatically Order Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is constantly coming up with creative ways to deliver pizza, with the latest innovation from its UK branch being temporary tattoos that sync with your phone. Pizza Hut UK is only giving away 40 of these pizza stickers that, when scanned with a smartphone (much like a QR code), can instantly allow you to order pizza. Each pizza tattoo is programmed with your favorite Pizza Hut order and payment/delivery information, so all you have to do is swipe your phone over your skin and — voilà! — a pizza will show up at your door in approximately 35 minutes Pizza Hut UK has stayed mum on exactly how to get your hands (and arms) on one of these pizza tattoos, but has hinted that interested British customers should keep an eye on its Facebook page for details. 


Whole Foods

Whole Foods Investigates Hepatitis A Outbreak

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Whole Foods is currently investigating two cases of hepatitis A that stemmed from the prepared foods section in a Detroit store location. The first person to test positive for the virus was an employee, while the second person was a customer who contracted the disease from the employee. Fortunately, both were diagnosed quickly so that the highly contagious virus likely did not have time to spread, Capital Wired reported. Whole Foods advises “all customers who consumed prepared food between October 6 and October 12 to go to their doctor for a preventive check and treatment,” according to a statement.