The Daily Dish: September 18, 2015

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We Now Know What Will Be In Burger King’s Peace Day Burger

Remember Burger King’s Peace Day Burger? Well, it’s actually happening  September 21, in honor of Peace Day. 1,500 Peace Day Burgers will be available for one day at an Atlanta pop-up. BK originally approached McDonald’s, but when they declined, other chains anted up. Parts of the signature burgers from Denny’s, Wayback Burger, Krystal, Giraffas, and Burger King will be compiled to become two beef patties topped with pickles, tomato, cheese, lettuce, onions, ham, and bacon.

There’s Now a Dating App for Bacon-Lovers Called Sizzl, Thanks to Oscar Meyer

Speaking of bacon, there’s a dating app for bacon-lovers called Sizzl thanks to Oscar Meyer.  You download the app, customize your bacon preferences, then swipe through single swine enthusiasts in your area. If you two “Sizzl” (have similar bacon interests and want to meet), you can get together for what Oscar Meyer calls a “bacon-wrapped date.”

7-Eleven Now Delivers Date Night and Hangover Kits Complete with Condoms and Red Bull

Oh, thank heaven? 7-Eleven’s recently launched delivery service in partnership with DoorDash in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles isn’t for door-to-door Slurpees (sadly), but for date night delivery “convenience packs” that cost $20 and include ice cream, chocolate, Red Bull, gum, and a three-pack of condoms. How romantic!

Bad News: New Data Shows Just How Much Fast Food Kids Are Eating

We’ll end with a lightning round! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say American kids get 12 percent of their calories from fast food. A study shows the FDA’s new food label might make you fatter. Metallica Is making a limited edition beer in Canada. And our neighbors to the north are sharing their cultishly-loved Ruffles “All Dressed” potato chips. They debut in the U.S. through December 7.

Metallica Is Making A Limited Edition Beer in Canada


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