The Daily Dish: October 20, 2015

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Today's first course?

McDonald's Franchisees Hate Serving You Breakfast, Survey Says

Despite support from McMuffin lovers across America and McDonald's determination to make this initiative save the company from its sales decline, franchisees are not feeling the love from all-day breakfast, a survey shows. Some small stores are struggling with new equipment, which requires more labor and takes up space. For these stores, service has slowed, and customers have reportedly stayed away.

Lucky Charms Is Releasing a Special Marshmallows-Only Box to 10 Cereal Fans

Remember when as a kid and the best part of breakfast cereal (besides drinking cereal milk, of course), was eating marshmallows? Sure, they were chalky, but it felt like you were getting away with something. Well, General Mills will make dreams of a "lucky" 10 cereal fans reality with a limited-edition box of marshmallows-only Lucky Charms. How to become one of the few, the proud, the marshmallow-eaters? Snap a selfie holding an imaginary box and post it with the hashtag, #Lucky10Sweepstakes. If yours is chosen, you'll be sent this magical, unicorn cereal.

The Champagne Bong Is Here and It's One Classy Contraption

What do you get when you mix the free-wielding spirit of college parties with the class of adult shindigs? Obviously, a classy soiree where guests drink from Chambongs. The Chambong is exactly what it sounds like: a Champagne flute and water pipe hybrid. The result? A device that allows you to be a party animal and high class adult as you chug très expensive bubbly. The first edition sold out, but a second will be available within 10 days for $25.

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