The Daily Dish: Netflix Releases Two Official ‘Stranger Things’ Recipes

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The Daily Dish - October 24, 2016

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Netflix Releases Two Official ‘Stranger Things’ Recipes

The intensity of your dinner party just got turned up to Eleven: Netflix has released two how-to recipe videos for its extremely popular original series Stranger Things. One of the recipes is for a classic French onion soup that’s topped with toasted bread disturbingly shaped (spoiler alert) like the head of a character’s corpse. These demonic delicacies are perfect for a Stranger Things viewing party, and spooky enough to creep out even non-Strangers fans during a Halloween get-together.


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Orange Prices on the Rise as Florida Faces Its Worst Harvest Crisis in a Century

Things aren’t looking so bright for the orange harvest in the Sunshine State. Florida is in the midst of “the worst orange harvest crisis” in a century (records go back to 1913), and, as a result, prices are going up, The Guardian reported. The U.S. Department of Agriculture predicted this year’s harvest would yield 70 million boxes of oranges — a 14 percent drop from last year and a far cry from more “bountiful days” when more than 230 million boxes were produced yearly. The root of these problems began in 2005, when a bacterium that “causes fruit to drop prematurely and eventually kills the [orange] trees” was found in southern Florida. The disease was then transmitted by Asian citrus psyllids, and was further spread across Florida by hurricanes. “Farmers are giving up on oranges altogether,” said Judith Ganes, president of the commodities research firm J Ganes Consulting.


McDonald’s Japan

McDonald’s Japan Now Offers Halloween-Themed Fries

Move over, pumpkin spice fries. McDonald’s Japan has introduced yet another twist on its iconic French fries, just in time for Halloween. The Halloween Witch fries, now available, will be sold at McDonald’s Japan locations through the end of October. The Halloween-themed fries are drizzled with both a chocolate sauce and a purple sweet potato sauce, and cost about $3.18 per order, Brand Eating reported.



Caramel-Filled M&M’s Are Coming Soon to a Candy Aisle Near You

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We’ve had butterbeer M&M’specan pie M&M’s, and earlier this year, fans voted coffee nut M&M’s into existence. The latest (and possibly the greatest) flavor from the Mars Inc. company is caramel-filled M&M’s, which will be released in May 2017 for the brand’s 75th anniversary. The caramel M&M actually took years to develop because it was a texture that the company had never experimented with before: soft and chewy. Mars Inc. spent $100 million to develop the product, and the caramel M&M launch will be one of the largest in the brand’s history.