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Ravi Bangaroo

The Daily Dish: March 3, 2016

Dishing out the latest and greatest in food news
The Daily Dish 3.3.16

Today’s first course?

Global Exports of California Wine Reached Record Levels of Demand in 2015

Global exports of American-made wine, 90 percent of which are produced in California, reached $1.6 billion dollars in revenue during 2015, which is a record number for the U.S. wine industry. The growing popularity of California wines, which have increased more than 90 percent in value over the last decade, suggests that wine-drinkers around the world are increasingly receptive to the high-quality wines produced by American vintners. Japan, China, Nigeria, Mexico, South Korea, Switzerland, and Singapore also made up substantial markets, despite competition from other major wine-producing countries like France and Spain.

Four Seasons Restaurant Is Awarded the First Ever James Beard Design Icon Restaurant Award

The James Beard Foundation is adding a new award to be presented at this year’s annual awards gala, honoring an icon of restaurant design. The inaugural design icon award will be given this year to the Four Seasons Restaurant. The classic New York City restaurant opened in 1959 and its characteristic luxurious design has persisted through the decades: a bubbling white pool in the middle of the dining room, flanked by four trees that change with each season and floor-to-ceiling paneled windows. The Four Seasons Restaurant and its owners will be presented with this prestigious award at The James Beard Awards Gala at the Lyric Opera of Chicago on May 2.

New Smart Brita Pitcher Orders Its Replacement Filters for You

The newest smart kitchen appliance to hit the market is a Brita Infinity pitcher, which orders new filters so you don’t have to. The Wi-Fi-enabled pitcher features a built-in counter which tracks the amount of water that passes through the filter. Here’s how it works: When the filter nears its capacity at around 40 gallons of water, the pitcher orders a new filter through Amazon Dash. Though the ordering service is automatic, the customer maintains control and can manage his or her orders and deliveries online. Customers register their pitchers online, connect it to their home Wi-Fi network, and sign up for the Amazon Dash Replacement using their Amazon account. Talk about a step into the future.

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