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Ravi Bangaroo

The Daily Dish: March 28, 2016

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Zumba Fitness Releases Its First Line of Vegan Protein Shakes

Zumba Fitness, the dance exercise program that has dominated fitness clubs for the last few years — is finally debuting its own line of vegan, low-sugar protein shakes. Available in three flavors: “Coco Loco,” “Thrilla in Vanilla,” and “La Vida Mocha,” Zumba Shake Shake Shakes (so nice they had to say it thrice) are 100 calories each, gluten-free, allergen-free, and practically sugar-free. Zumba claims it is one of the few protein-shake producers to use plant-based proteins and also prides itself on producing a powdered drink that’s not chalky, and without a weird aftertaste.

Drinks start at $99 for a 30-pack.

Intoxicated FBI Agent Arrested for Pointing Gun at Woman’s Head Inside Boston Restaurant

A 55-year-old FBI agent in Boston, was arrested last Tuesday, March 22,  after pointing his gun at a woman’s head during an argument inside a local restaurant. James Doyle, who reportedly identified himself to police as FBI supervisor “Mike Doyle,” got involved in an argument with another patron at Gourmet Garden Restaurant in Massachusetts. Police who arrived at the restaurant following a 911 call said that Doyle, who knew his victim, showed “several signs of being under the influence of alcohol.” The agent eventually admitted to police that he pointed his handgun at the woman after having several drinks. Doyle was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, carrying a firearm while intoxicated, and disorderly conduct.

College Student Duped by Phony Drug Dealers Who Sold Him a Bag of Shredded Vegetables, Not Pot

Two men who sold “shredded vegetables” to an 18-year-old student at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst — instead of the marijuana he believed he was buying — were named in the February 18 assault on the student when the deal went awry. The “dealers” were not students at UMass, but residents of town about 90 minutes away. The men are accused of assaulting their victim with a BB gun after the exchange did not go as planned — presumably because the victim realized he was being sold produce, not pot. The pseudo dealers also stole $120 from the victim  when he refused to pay for the bogus reefer. Both men were later arrested.

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