The Daily Dish: March 10, 2016

Today's first course?

White Bread, Bagels, and Other Carbs Linked to Lung Cancer Risk

First they came for fast food, then they came for our bacon, but has a new cancer study gone too far? Bread, bagels, and other starchy foods with high glycemic indexes are the latest food to be slapped with a possible carcinogen label. A new study from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston has linked a diet high in carbs like white bread, bagels, and white rice, with a 49 percent increase in lung cancer risk. According to NBC News, doctors believe that high-glycemic foods, which stimulate the body to produce insulin, affects the growth of cells. Since cancer is the uncontrollable growth of cells, when your body produces too much insulin it could be inadvertently causing the growth of small tumors.

Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Her Morning Smoothie Recipe... and It Costs $185 to Make!

Actress, singer, and Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow has graciously shared the recipe for her morning "smoothie," which she drinks daily. But before you get too excited, a quick glance at the ingredient list (and some Google searching) will tell you that these ingredients aren't in the average pantry, or even in specialty food stores. Some of the ingredients, in fact, are sold exclusively at Moon Juice, a 100 percent organic juice and nut milk shop in Venice, California. It comes as no surprise that Paltrow's smoothie is an expensive one to make. Brit + Co breaks down pricing per ingredient and determined that the smoothie will cost at least $185 to make.

New Orleans Chef John Besh to Open 3 Restaurants in the Thompson Nashville Hotel

Finally, today: New Orleans celebrity chef John Besh will open three restaurants in the Thompson Nashville, an upcoming hotel located in the Gulch, which is a trendy neighborhood in downtown Nashville. The focal point of the three concepts will be The Marsh House, a Southern seafood restaurant that pays homage to Louisiana. Killebrew Coffee, named after Tennessee commissioner of agriculture J.B. Killebrew — a progressive Southern botanist and educator who advocated for the New South — will have breakfast and lunch options as well as coffee and tea. Finally, the project includes a rooftop bar with cocktails and small plates. An executive chef, who will oversee all three concepts, has not yet been named. The Thompson Nashville hotel is slated to open in the fall. 

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