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Ravi Bangaroo

The Daily Dish: March 1, 2016

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Chrissy Teigen’s Number Was Accidentally Published in Her Cookbook

More than 100 Chrissy Teigen fans spied her number on the collar of her French bulldog on one of the pages of her new cookbook. In response to the mishap, Teigen changed her phone number, but not before receiving many kind voicemails from the fans. The cookbook, titled Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat, currently holds the number six slot on the Amazon Best Sellers list.

Scientists Nationwide Are on High Alert for Parasite That Turns Honeybees Into ‘Zombies’

In other news, zombie bees may be a concern for the agricultural world. The decline of honeybees already threatens to wipe out major agricultural sectors around the world, but in recent years, scientists have discovered yet another threat to the critical pollinators: a deadly parasite. Honeybees across the country, which are essential to the production of more than 100 common crops, are falling victim to a parasitic infection that manages to use the bees as hosts. The parasite makes the bees behave in a “zombielike” manner in the moments before death.

Germany Outraged Over Cancer-Linked Weed Killer Found in Beer

And Germany may have a proud heritage of beer, but it’s certainly not proud of this sudsy little secret. According to a recent study, 14 popular beers contain trace elements of weed killer that has been labeled a probable carcinogen. However, the German government is none too concerned, stating that an adult would have to consume 1,000 liters of beer a day for it to be harmful. To see the complete list of offending brews check out this story in the News in Brief section.

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