The Daily Dish: January 29, 2016

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Burger King Is Debuting Its Own Version of McDonald's Iconic Shamrock Shake

We all look forward to certain things in March, like the arrival of spring, St. Patrick's Day, and McDonald's signature Shamrock Shake. The neon green milkshake is welcomed by fast food patrons every year, but McDonald's now has some competition. Burger King is looking to cash in on the mint green dessert action. The fast food chain is debuting two new shake flavors: a Dr. Pepper shake and an Oreo Irish mint shake. Burger King is distinguishing itself by using chocolate Oreos rather than the vanilla ice cream that McDonald's uses, but the similarity to the iconic Shamrock Shake is undeniable. Burger King is also looking to get a leg up on the competition by releasing its green shake a month in advance. McDonald's customers will have to wait a little closer to St. Patrick's Day.

Man Sells Spud Photograph for $1.5 Million

Would you pay 1.5 million dollars for a picture of a potato? Renowned photographer Kevin Abosch sold a photograph of an Irish potato for $1.5 million to an unnamed European businessman, according to First We Feast. The organic, unwashed potato was photographed with a digital camera under just one light and against a black background, giving it a larger-than-life appearance. Only three prints of this particular photograph are in existence.

More Trouble in Burrito Paradise: Chipotle Now Being Sued for Gender Discrimination

Chipotle just can't seem to stay out of trouble these days — believe it or not they are being sued again. Three former employees at three different Chipotle locations in the greater Cincinnati area are suing the fast casual chain for what they are calling blatant gender discrimination. The three former managers have filed a lawsuit claiming they were fired for unfair reasons, despite having received above average performance reviews or audits. The women claim that Chipotle violated the Family and Medical Leave Act, which stipulates that employees must be provided unpaid leave for qualified medical or familial reasons. But Chipotle has maintained that the women were fired for their quality of work, not their gender.

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