The Daily Dish: Grown Woman Gets Trapped In Grocery Cart


Grown Woman Gets Trapped in Grocery Cart

Riding in the grocery cart was one of the most fun parts of going to the store as a child, but that's one precious memory that should not be relived, as one British woman discovered this week when she got stuck in the seat of a grocery cart and had to be rescued by firefighters. According to The Sentinel, the woman was at an Asda supermarket in Wolstanton, in England's West Midlands, when she decided to climb into the child seat of one of the shopping carts and got stuck. She called for help from Asda staff, but they were flummoxed. Firefighters responded to the emergency call and used bolt cutters to free the woman. The call was quick, and they left within 45 minutes.

Cafe Explosion Injures 90 in Spain

Dozens of staff and customers were injured in a sudden explosion at a popular cafe in Spain on Saturday night, and authorities are saying a gas leak was most likely to blame. According to Fox News, the explosion occurred in the kitchen of the La Bohemia cafe in Vélez-Málaga, a small tourist town in the Andalusia region of Spain that was celebrating its annual Feria de San Miguel festival this weekend. The explosion occurred around 7 p.m., and at first witnesses were afraid that it was a terrorist attack. Authorities estimate that 90 people were hurt in the attack, but nobody has reportedly died from injuries sustained in the incident.  

Jennifer Le Nechet Named World's Top Bartender

The World Class Bartender of the Year contest is one of the world's most prestigious international bartending competitions, and last week in Miami Jennifer Le Nechet defeated 10,000 other bartenders to be named 2016's top bartender of the year. Jennifer Le Nechet is from France and can normally be found bartending at the Cafe Moderne in Paris. Le Nechet is the first woman to take the top prize in the competition's eight-year history. The final competition posed an interesting challenge. Each of the six finalists had 24 hours to create a pop-up bar that reflected their bartending aesthetic. Le Nechet created a Steampunk-themed bar serving her twist on classic cocktails using homemade emulsions, soda, and organic ingredients. "I'm completely blown away," Le Nechet said. "It's such an honor to take home the title of World's Best Bartender , especially when competing against such talent from around the world."

Tropicana Launches Probiotic Juice Line

Tropicana is launching a probiotic juice line, which will be coming to select retailers in October and launch nationally in early 2017. Tropicana Essentials Probiotics is a 100-percent juice with 1 billion live and active cultures per serving. It comes in three flavors: strawberry banana, pineapple mango, and peach passion fruit, according to a release. There are no added sugars, preservatives, or artificial flavors in the product. "We are thrilled to be the first to bring probiotics more commonly seen in yogurts, supplements and kombuchas to the mainstream juice aisle," said Björn Bernemann, vice president and general manager for Tropicana North America. The probiotic juices will be available in multi- and single-serving sizes, and can be found in the refrigerated juice aisle.

Japan's Coolest New Food Pairing is Pocky and Whiskey

Pocky, the chocolate-coated stick candy extremely popular with kids in Japan and around the world, has introduced a new grown-up version. According to Rocket News 24, the Adult Amber Pocky is designed to be paired with a glass of straight, good-quality whiskey and is coated with chocolate that's richer and more bitter than the original version. Even the stick has been updated: instead of the normal Pocky pretzel, the adult version is made with malt extract and sprinkled with salt before being coated in the less-sweet, whiskey-scented chocolate. The grown-up Pocky will be for sale on Amazon Japan as of Oct. 25. Only 300,000 boxes will be available, and the last time Pocky introduced a grown-up flavor, it sold out immediately.