The Daily Dish: February 3, 2016

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Religious Police Ban Women From Starbucks in Saudi Arabia

Women in Saudi Arabia recently found themselves banned from entering a Starbucks location by religious police after a "gender wall," a wooden barrier separating men and women inside the store, collapsed due to customer traffic. A sign on the door read, "On order by the Commission, please no women allowed in. Women can send in their drivers to buy for them." In Saudi Arabia, gender walls are required for all restaurants and public shops. Although women just recently won the right to vote and be elected into office, women are still not permitted to travel without a chaperon, drive, or enter cemeteries.

British Models Made to Sign Contracts Agreeing That They Won't Starve Themselves

The fashion industry has gotten some serious flack in recent years for allowing and perpetuating a culture of uber-skinny runway models, many of whom have suffered from eating disorders due to the pressure of staying thin. Many labels have fought back against the emaciated model stereotype, and Rose & Willard is the latest big name in fashion to do just that. Rose & Willard will now require models to sign contracts stipulating that they will eat during shows and photoshoots, essentially legally assuring the company that they will not starve themselves for the sake of fashion.

Former 90s Boy Band Heartthrob Nick Lachey Talks Super Bowl Snacking

And finally — as we all prepare for Sunday's big game and what snacks we will munch on — we spoke with TV personality and former 98 Degrees front-man, Nick Lachey, who recently worked with Pepsi in conjunction with its Game Day Grub Match contest that challenges culinary student teams to create the ultimate game day snack made with Pepsi products. We got Lachey to talk to us about his favorite Game Day snack, his own challenges in the kitchen, and thoughts on owning a bar with his brother. To see what Lachey calls his favorite game day snack, head on over to our News in Brief section to read our complete interview.

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