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The Daily Dish: February 1, 2016

The Daily Dish 2.1.16
Dishing out the latest and greatest in food news

Today's first course?

Impress Guests at Your Next Barbecue with this Death Star BBQ
Could this be the grill you've always dreamed of owning? Well, you're in luck. The makers of this grill you see grill are now accepting pre-orders for its officially licensed Star Wars Death Star BBQ. For about one hundred and ten dollars, you can have your very own barbecue grill made to look like the original Death Star.If you plan to pre-order the grill, I hope you're patient. They won't be available until at least May 31st.

Customer Survey Says Whole Foods Isn't Worth the Price

If you think Whole Foods is over-rated, you're not the only one. A well-known marketing analyst surveyed more than a thousand customers. As a result of their findings, the analyst slashed her rating and price target - to a quote under-performing score. More than 70 percent of customers in the survey said they had not noticed any price changes in the past three months despite the company’s efforts to lower prices. Additionally, only 24 percent of customers said the organic products at Whole Foods were ‘definitely’ superior in quality to the organic food at other grocery stores.

Woman Gets Fined $200 for Eating a Banana While Stuck in Traffic

Well how's this for news of the strange: A woman in the U.K eats a banana while stopped in traffic and gets fined about two hundred U.S dollars. The reason? Officers say she didn't have proper control of the vehicle she was driving at the time. Police gave the woman the fine and option of receiving three points on her license or the completion of a driver safety course. The woman, however, chose to challenge the case in court. Later, Harris decided to plead guilty on the advice of an attorney, and subsequently received the license points, as well as a bigger fine.

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