The Daily Dish: Fashion Designers Just Remade the McDonald’s Uniforms

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McDonald’s Uniforms Remade By Fashion Designers

McDonald’s has called upon high-end fashion designers to give their crew members’ uniforms a much-needed facelift. The result is several (but not 50) shades of grey: dark grey polo shirts and T-shirts under long grey aprons with the famous McDonald’s arches barely visible. The uniforms are designed by Waraire Boswell and Bindu Rivas in collaboration with Way to Be, a certified uniform production and design company. Boswell is a prominent high-end indie fashion designer, while Rivas is a lesser-known Indo-British designer. The uniforms will be worn by 850,000 employees around the United States and will be rolled out this month. “Our new collections focus on comfort, fit, functionality and contemporary professionalism, delivering a uniform that crew and managers will feel comfortable to work in and proud to wear,” said Jez Langhorn, McDonald’s senior director of human resources, in a statement.

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Generous Customer Gives Waitress $500 Tip to Help Fix Her Broken Hearing Aid

Keri Marie Carlson is a waitress at GW Carson’s in Branford, Connecticut, where she always works hard to make diners’ experiences special. But this has been a bit tough lately as the hearing-impaired woman has been dealing with a broken hearing aid. Last week, Carlson was moved to tears when a customer (who wished to remain anonymous) offered her $500 to repair her hearing aids. “I didn’t say I needed the money or anything,” Carlson told ABC station WTNH. “He just came in the back and said I’m not going to take no for an answer and I can’t let you go home like this and I tried to give him the money back, but he was like — no — you deserve this.”

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MasterCard Launches Bot Service So You Can Buy Food Through Facebook Messenger

It’s safe to say that artificial intelligence is slowly but surely starting to take over the food world. Now, you can chat with a robot on Facebook Messenger to order and securely checkout when purchasing food and other products. On Tuesday, MasterCard announced the platform at the Facebook Developer Conference in San Jose, California, according to the press release. The Masterpass-enabled bots allow users to interact with restaurants and retailers without leaving the Facebook Messenger app. The company currently has partnerships with FreshDirect, Subway, and The Cheesecake Factory, and says that bots are only the first step in a technological transition in the way consumers interact with businesses and brands.

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Tony Baloney’s

This 30-Pound Pizza Loaded With Tacos and Guacamole Is a Dream Come True

Tony Boloney’s pizza shop in Hoboken, New Jersey, recently captured the attention of the Internet with their out-of-this-world pizza topped with a party platter-sized pile of tacos and a pool of guacamole/sour cream dip in the middle. This wild concept was inspired by a few customers who came in with “high” priorities and a hankering for tacos on top of pizza, according to Thrillist. Proving that they have spectacular customer service, Tony Boloney’s pizza chefs whipped up this $80 pie on the spot ($10 per slice). Here’s a breakdown: The base crust is topped with Oaxaca cheese, carne asada, chipotle asada, and even more cheese. Then it’s topped with a variety of 24 tacos with the guac/sour cream dipping sauce in the middle. The only thing more troublesome than the unnamed calorie count is how one would actually go about eating the darn thing.

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You Can Now Cook Sous Vide in Your Washing Machine

Sous vide — once an obscure French cooking technique relegated to the back kitchens of fancy restaurants — has become mainstream and trendy. But if you’re still intimidated by cooking steak or chicken in a vacuum-sealed bag, this innovation from a graduate student might help: “Sous la Vie” lets you cook food sous vide in your washing machine. Gray Design’s prepackaged steam bag meals imitate the traditional sous vide style of cooking and let you cook dinner in the same place — and at the same time — as you wash your underwear. (Don’t worry, the bags are sealed tight). “Rather than cooking a piece of meat at 58 degrees Celsius for two and a half hours, you could just set your washing machine to ‘synthetics’ for a long cycle,” inventor and Israeli design student Iftach Gazit told The Guardian.


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