The Daily Dish: Browser Extension Swaps Trump’s Face with Cheeseburgers

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The Daily Dish - November 15, 2016

Brian Sheehan dishes on what's hot and trending in the world of all things food and drink for Tuesday, November 15, 2016.

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Browser Extension Swaps Trump’s Face With Cheeseburgers

People who desire to never again see the face of U.S. president-elect Donald Trump could now have their wish thanks to an Australian burger restaurant. The Mr. Burger restaurant responded to the results of the 2016 presidential election by creating a Chrome extension that substitutes a photo of a cheeseburger for any image on the internet of the future president’s face. According to Gothamist, once installed, the “Make Trump Burger Again” extension replaced all photos of Trump with pictures of delicious cheeseburgers. “Today we tried to make the Internet great again!” the chain tweeted out on Friday when it released the extension.



Move Over Cronut: Japanese Café Invents the Udon-ut

It looks like one Japanese café is about to have a hit on its hands with a new doughnut made of udon noodles. According to Rocket News 24, the so-called “Udon-ut” or “udon donut” was spotted by a Twitter user going by the name Eiitirou, who first saw the franken-pastry in the Tsudanomatsubara SA cafe in the Kagawa Prefecture over the weekend. Each “Udon-nut,” served in a folded paper cone, sells for about $1.50. Reportedly, the noodle doughnut is crunchy on the outside but chewy on the inside, and combines the stretchy, savory aspects of udon noodles with a crispy, sugary exterior.




3 Men Convicted for Stealing $19 Million of Maple Syrup

Four years ago, the food world was rocked by the epic tale of a few criminal masterminds who stole $18.7 million worth of maple syrup in Canada. This week, Canadian courts convicted three ringleaders in connection to the heist. In September 2012, a routine inventory inspection at a Quebec maple syrup warehouse revealed that someone had siphoned off millions of dollars’ worth of maple syrup, leaving behind empty barrels. For months, investigators were stymied as they tried to figure out how someone had managed to steal that much maple syrup and get away undetected. Police finally traced it back to several men who had reportedly rented a different part of the warehouse, which meant they could drive trucks in and out without raising suspicion. Over time, they slowly drained the barrels, refilling them with water. Working in such small installments, they managed to steal $18.7 million worth of syrup without anyone noticing for months. CNBC reported that 26 people were eventually arrested in connection to the heist.



Donald Duck Reacts in Horror to Tokyo Disneyland’s Buffet Menu

Last week, diners at a buffet in Tokyo Disneyland witnessed Donald Duck in hysterics upon seeing duck on the menu. According to Rocket News 24’s KK MIller, a Twitter user and devoted Disney fan going by the name of DisneyLove22 was eating at a Tokyo Disney buffet when Donald Duck came in and started looking over all the delicious dishes on display. When he encountered a sizzling dish of teriyaki duck breast, though, he threw his hands over his eyes and started panicking and pretending to cry. Luckily, the actor dressed as Donald Duck was game for a bit of melodrama, and his audience couldn’t stop laughing. After confirming with Donald Duck that the dish was not made out of the popular Disney character, DisneyLove22 took a big helping.


McDonald's Italy


McDonald’s Makes a Nutella Burger in Italy

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Nutella may have been taken a little too far, as McDonald’s in Italy has just decided to forgo the beef entirely and make a burger out of the famous chocolate hazelnut spread. Brand Eating reported that the “Sweety with Nutella,” as the new burger is called, is a giant slather of Nutella sandwiched in the middle of a McDonald’s hamburger bun. Nutella is also baked into the bun to resemble a hamburger patty. The center is a molten core of gooey Nutella. The combination of a weird novelty food and Nutella has proven too much for the internet to ignore, as more than 700 photos have been posted with the hashtag #nutellaburger on Instagram.