The Daily Dish: This Black Ice Cream Will Cure Your Hangover

This Black Ice Cream Will Cure Your Hangover

Scratch Restaurants in Encino, California, have created an ice cream cone made with coconut milk, homemade sprinkles, and activated charcoal, the latter of which gives the dessert its distinctive black color. The dessert is served at the end of Scratch's tasting menu, and it's perfect for an end-of-the-meal digéstif or as a hangover cure, owner Margarita Kallas-Lee told Vice's Munchies. "Whenever I was feeling ill or she wanted me to detox, [my grandmother] always gave me charcoal," Kallas-Lee said. "It creates this beautiful color and it also is unbelievable for you to have after dinner."

Eat Like Tom Brady With His New Meal Subscription Service

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his supermodel wife Gisele are known for their restrictive eating habits: Brady won't eat any processed foods, completely eliminates sugar and fruit, and has never had a drink of coffee. Brady's new meal subscription service, launched in collaboration with The Purple Carrot, offers a meal kit that is almost (but not quite) as limiting. The TB12 Performance Meals are vegan, gluten-free, totally free of processed foods, and restrictive regarding soy and sugar. For $78 per week, subscribers can cook and enjoy high-performance meals that are almost completely plant-based. "Eating meals just like the ones we'll send out to our customers has helped me stay at the top of my game, and it's really exciting to be able to deliver the recipes and ingredients for people to easily cook these meals at home," Brady said in a press release.

The Queen of England Drinks Champagne Every Day

Never one to shirk her responsibility as representative of the royal palate, Queen Elizabeth II, 90, enjoys a glass of Champagne every evening, according to a recent report by Business Insider. Her preferred brands are Bollinger, Krug, Lanson, and Pol Roger. The nightly glass of Champagne before retiring to her bedchamber is not the only alcohol the Queen indulges in daily — she also reportedly enjoys a gin and Dubonnet (a sweet, wine-based apéritif) with a slice of lemon on the rocks daily before lunch. The queen is reportedly not a huge fan of wine, but it is kept in the palace, of course.

BYOB With This Secret Hairbrush Flask

Smuggle Your Booze is a company dedicated to providing its customers with the ultimate BYOB products — including one that doubles as a hairbrush. The hairbrush flask, which retails online for $21.99, holds 6 ounces of your beverage of choice. Even if you're not looking for a little liquid courage, the product is fully functional as a paddle brush for grooming your mane. The company also sells secret flasks masked as sunscreen, tampons, hand sanitizer, and an umbrella. According to the company, all of its products are safe for food and beverages.

Now You Can Buy Diamond Avocado Jewelry

Do you know anyone who's obsessed with avocados? Andrew Zimmern's Delicacies Jewelry — the same company that has allowed you to look chic while wearing a gold pineapple necklace — is finally coming out with avocado-inspired necklaces and pendants. The avocado necklace — which comes in gold or silver — is crafted with a diamond pit in the middle, so you can feel extra fancy while celebrating the ingredient that has made brunch great again. The 14 karat gold pendant will cost you $1,100, while the sterling silver version is just $60. Other ingredients featured on Delicacies Jewelry's website include precious metal renderings of basil, garlic, corn, artichoke, and an egg.