Comedian Rob Riggle Hits the Road in the “Pancake Selfie Express” Truck

The truck is rolling arcoss the country with the support of Holiday inn Express

Riggle's truck hands out free pancakes with your photo on them. 

A “Pancake Selfie Express” — what? I know what you’re thinking; I thought the selfie was enough by itself — on our phone, kept to ourselves, or with our hundreds of followers. But nope! Comedian and actor Rob Riggle, along with Holiday Inn Express, thinks you should literally be eating your face off.

Yes, it was my idea.” Rob told us. “However, some might say there was a group of us. Why? Because breakfast, selfies and food trucks are awesome.”

Vice President of Holiday Inn Express Brand, Americas, IHG, Jennifer Gribble, explained that guests usually choose hotels based on breakfast choices. Now take Riggle’s comedic sense and out pops a one-touch pancake machine made by “The Stack Station” that lives in a traveling food truck.

Riggle was unable to precisely explain how the contraption works (“I’m not a nerd,” he told us), it’s in fact a three step process. Step 1: Snap a selfie on a smartphone. Step 2: “The Stack Station” makes your pancake in 60 seconds, all with the push of a button. Step 3: Finely tuned lasers then stamp the selfie onto the pancake. The entire process, from start to finish, takes just under five minutes.

The nine-city food–truck tour hit the streets on Sept. 2, and allows flapjack enthusiasts in major cities to stamp their selfie on a pancake.

“We did a big Southwest swing.” Riggle tells us. “Dallas, Austin, Phoenix, San Diego, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Next we’re heading to Oakland [October 5-6] and Sacramento [October 9-11].”

So what’s next for Holiday Inn Express and their Breakfast honcho?


“Well, for now it’s still top secret, but if all goes well there should be a hovercraft involved,” Riggle told us.