Chick-Fil-A Accused Of Kicking Out Breastfeeding Mother For 'Indecency'

Macy Hornug claims she was recently kicked out of a Chick-fil-A in North Dakota for breastfeeding her infant child. She complained in a public Facebook post about the upsetting experience, prompting indignation from many supportive commenters.

"Just a heads up, we just went to the soft open of Chick-fil-A West Acres and the owner basically kicked me out for breastfeeding without a cover," she claimed in the post. She described that the owner approached her and asked her to cover up, though she was exposing "no more than the upper portion of [her] breast."

Hornug responded that her baby refuses to be covered, so she was unable to accommodate his request. The manager allegedly "started harping about the children and men who can see [her] indecency."

Even after citing the North Dakotan laws that allow a woman to breastfeed in any public location, Hornug claims she was kicked out of the fast food establishment regardless.

"I told her my review would reflect my experience and I would be relaying the experience in every local mommy group," Hornug asserted.

Chick-fil-A West Acres responded to her Facebook post with a public apology from their manager.

"I would like to publicly apologize to Macy Hornung for the way I handled the situation on Saturday," their Facebook post began. "I ask for your forgiveness on this matter as I learn from it. My goal is to provide a warm and welcoming environment for all of my guests. @macyhornung Sincerely, Kimberly Flamm (Owner/Operator)"

Though the breastfeeding might have made the manager uncomfortable, it was far from a crime. Click here to read about the most memorable crimes that have gone down at fast food restaurants.