Cheetos Popcorn to Be Offered at Regal Cinemas Nationwide

The savory snack will be available starting December 15

This holiday season, Frito-Lay is making it easy to be cheesy at the movies. Back in 2015, the company began testing Cheetos-flavored popcorn at CinemaCon, a theater-owners convention in Las Vegas. Two years later, that dream has finally become a reality. Cheetos Popcorn features warm, cheese-flavored popcorn mixed with Crunchy Cheetos, and fans can snag the snack at participating Regal Cinemas nationwide.

“We’re excited to give moviegoers a chance to experience Cheetos in an unexpected and delicious new way through our first national theater partnership,” Frito-Lay director of marketing Sean Mathews said in a release. “Cheetos and popcorn are the ultimate movie snack combination, and Regal Cinemas is the perfect partner to launch Cheetos Popcorn nationally.”

Cheetos Popcorn will be available in 32-ounce cups at Regal Cinemas across the U.S. starting December 15. For more dangerously cheesy fun, here’s a look at the artsy, humorous displays inside this year's Cheetos Museum.