Brownie Batter Pop-Tarts Are Coming

The limited-time-only product is expected to hit shelves this spring

Kellogg’s is bringing Pop-Tarts Splitz back from the dead under a new name six years after they were laid to rest. The innovative pastry was built with two separate flavors in one — chocolate-vanilla and strawberry-blueberry — but the newest version, called “Mash Ups,” reportedly features even crazier flavors. An Instagram post by @junkbanter shows the limited-edition toaster treat made with half sugar cookie and half brownie batter.

“Ok Pop Tarts… I see you. Looks like the Pop Tarts Splitz from about a decade ago are making a comeback with new Pop Tarts Mash Ups, which I’m hearing will be out later this spring,” the Instagrammer wrote. “How about THIS flavor though? (Heart-eyes emoji) Sugar Cookie is my favorite Pop Tart of all time (now with sprinkles apparently), and Brownie Batter? That’s a very exciting first for Pop Tarts.”

Sugar Cookie Pop-Tarts were first released in 2015, but Brownie Batter would in fact be a new flavor for the brand. Here’s hoping that no one defiles this one with American cheese or mustard. Not into wonky processed foods? Eat these healthy fast food breakfasts instead.

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