Brooklyn Pizza Institution Delivers For The First Time In 50 Years

Famed Brooklyn pizzeria Di Fara Pizza – legendary for its long waits and hangry lines – is now offering delivery for the first time in its 50-year history. Almost the entire menu is available to a delivery area stretching from Ditmas Park to Bay Ridge via UberEats from noon to 5 p.m.

As soon as the clock struck noon, it was on. With as much anticipation as I had when Momofuku Ko's reservation line went live, I could almost smell the fresh basil being cut as I logged on and ordered: one regular pie (slices will also be available). I was tempted to go rogue and get toppings, but I kept it simple. My order was quickly accepted and went to "food being prepared" instantly. And a screen bubble offered a promise of pizza in 38 minutes. I watched as the delivery time went up and down: 37 minutes, 36, 41, 35. No matter, the delivery time is mind blowing if you've ever waited in line for longer than that during their busy season.

Ultimately my delivery was in the hands of Allan, an UberEats bicycler. Allan arrived and apologized that there was no pizza box. Yes I had pizza, but since this venue was new to delivery, most bikers only had their insulated baskets, not a pizza box carrier, so the pie was delivered broken down into slices. He assured me that as the process moves along, it will be perfected.

My delivery-biker was friendly and apologetic, but there was no need for that. He hand-delivered me Di Fara pizza on a Friday afternoon while I was still in my pajamas (#momlife). Maggie of Di Fara was equally as apologetic explaining that an Uber car should have arrived to carry a whole intact pie, but bikes will be okay for now. Also, some orders have been getting lost when the shop's WiFi drops, but Uber lets pizza fans know when an order wasn't accepted. Overall, it was a delicious experience and one I didn't even have to share with anyone. A whole pie for myself on a Friday afternoon without leaving the house? Yes, please!

Di Fara opened in 1965 on a Midwood neighborhood corner and hasn't changed much over the years. There's a slim pizza prep space, where the cooks flip and cook pies while customers wait to order or pick up. The slices are priced a bit higher than some competitors, but the thick doughy squares and slices piled high with toppings have won converts who take the Q to Ave J.

Owner Dom DeMarco is still slinging pies but has recently turned to his sons more often for assistance as the brand expands its reach. Just a year ago the shop opened seven days a week (previously, it had been closed on Mondays). There is also an offshoot in Las Vegas and a new sweet sister shop around the corner.

Once the pizza arrived, it was as crisp and perfect as an in-store slice. With cold weather approaching this weekend, this news couldn't have come at a better time.

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