Breyers Ice Cream Celebrates Its 150th Birthday in New York City

Tons of free ice cream, balloons, and celebrities were just a few awesome things about the event

This huge Breyers ice cream carton doubles as a walk-through "discovery tour" to enjoy while indulging on free scoops.

Today marks the 150th birthday of beloved ice cream, Breyers. To celebrate the momentous occasion, a giant birthday party was thrown in Madison Square Park. The park was packed with green and white balloons, swarms of people, tons of free ice cream, and a fun photo booth in which you could take a picture with none other but a huge, life-size Breyers carton!

This walk-through carton was not only a spectacular sight, but also served as a "discover tour" where ice cream-lovers could learn more about the brand while they indulge in good ol' Breyers ice cream. Aside from free ice cream (but honestly, what beats that?), Grammy winning singer, songwriter, and actress (and former Destiny's Child member) Kelly Rowland and Girls star Allison Williams, as well as the the star of Jane the Virgin and the cast of Broadway’s Chicago, joined the festivities.

It was an especially fun moment when the stars ― and the hundreds of green birthday cap-wearing fans ― sang "Happy Birthday" to the brand. At the end of the countdown, the "candles" atop the carton were blown out and confetti and glitter strands were shot into the air.

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