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The Biggest Restaurant Closings of 2017

We hardly knew ye
Mayuri T./Yelp

New York's Bouley closed in July after 30 years.

Things come and go; it’s one of the oldest maxims in the book. Time marches on, and with it goes things and places that we quite possibly took for granted, because we thought they’d be around forever. And sadly, restaurants are definitely not immune from this, sometimes even great ones. These 10 restaurants left us in 2017, and [cue the sad music] now they only live on in our hearts.

The Biggest Restaurant Closings of 2017 (Slideshow)

Restaurants come and go all the time; many of them don’t even hang around for a year and are but a blip in our collective radars, if that. But sometimes it doesn’t take long for a restaurant to work its way into public consciousness, especially if it starts racking up awards and accolades. And after a few years in business, especially if it’s a restaurant that we regularly visit, it’s tough to imagine our lives before it existed. The longer a restaurant sticks around, the more beloved it usually becomes, so when a long-established, famous restaurant closes its doors, it’s almost like someone has died.

Of course, only a handful of restaurant closures each year warrant outpourings of sorrow and remembrances from fans all across the country; we’re sure that someone’s favorite restaurant, somewhere, closes every day. But when these restaurants announced their closures people took notice. These restaurants were big, buzzworthy, and renowned by more than just the locals, and their absence leaves a noticeable hole in the local dining scene.

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