The Big Bottom Biscuit Bar Has Arrived In New York City

Whether you're commuting to work in a rush, on your way to an appointment, or just in the mood to make your morning extra special, forget doughnuts or croissants. Warm, freshly baked biscuits are far superior, and now, they're just as easy to grab and go. The Big Bottom Biscuit Bar opened today in the Upper West Side's Italian restaurant, Osteria Cotta. The biscuit bar will be offering the Big Bottom biscuits that were originally made famous by its parent shop — Big Bottom Market —  out of the eatery's coffee window.

The Big Bottom Market is an unique gourmet food, wine, and general store in Sonoma County. Though most often biscuits are thought of as a Southern thing, these buttermilk biscuits hail from Guerneville, California, and are made using a family recipe that originated from co-owner Crista Luedtke's grandmother.

Offered atop your buttery biscuits is an eclectic variety of unique sweet and savory toppings that include mascarpone and honey, vegetarian gravy, pork ragu with Parmigianino, whipped cream and berries, and of course, butter and jam.

Or if you're ready for a satisfyingly rich twist on the classic New York City lox, bagel, and cream cheese, opt for the Sea Biscuit. The Big Bottom Biscuit Bar asserts that this smoky morning favorite is its, "challenge to bagels and lox," and with smoked salmon, crème fraiche, pickled onions, and capers on a freshly baked biscuit, the old New York City staple might have to step aside.

It has also partnered with the roasters at Stumptown Coffee and is featuring a selection of drip and cold brews that include flavors like coconut and chocolate (best flavored coffee I've ever had). 

Co-Owner Michael Volpatt is keeping the focus on the all-mighty biscuit and doesn't plan to change that any time soon. Just like the Californian favorite In-n-Out, when you have something delicious that people crave, there's no need to complicate things. New York City is due for its next breakfast classic and these dressed up biscuits fit the bill — because where else can you go to grab a nice, fluffy biscuit on-the-go? Exactly.

Stop by and taste Big Bottom Market's baked delights Wednesday – Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. and on the weekends from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m.

UPDATE- July 6, 2016: The Big Bottom Biscuit Bar has just launched its in-office biscuit bar program. What does that mean? Fresh biscuits ― sweet and savory ― delivered straight to your office! Event catering is a perfect choice for morning meetings, parties, reunions, office surprises... you get the picture!

The Big Bottom Biscuit Bar will build a bar based on your specific needs and make sure all the goods are just-baked and delicious. For more info, email or call 813-956-0116.

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