burger and fries
Gina T./Yelp

The Best Restaurants of 2018, According to Yelp

Yelp knows all
burger and fries
Gina T./Yelp

These are the best restaurants in America for 2018 according to Yelp. Some of them are chain restaurants and some are independent.

It may only be April, but Yelp already knows where America likes to eat in 2018. The restaurant and services rating app tracked down the best restaurants of the year in the United States, and the results may surprise you.

The Best Restaurants of 2018, According to Yelp (Gallery)

Yelp employs internal researchers who are always working to develop new ways to make their treasure trove of reviews useful to diners. That’s why The Daily Meal was elated to get an exclusive look at a list of the most popular restaurants in America for the year to date, based on an algorithm that interprets a restaurant’s star rating and the volume of reviews devoted to it.

These are the restaurants that have been pleasing everyone over the past few months. Not many of them are fancy or complicated; most of them serve up classic American comforts, while some serve Thai and Pakistani flavors. You won’t find a Michelin star in most of these kitchens, but you will find lines out the door and happy customers who leave lengthy, glowing reviews on their Yelp pages. Don’t be surprised to spot a few chains on this list, either — 2018 could be the year fast-causal restaurants completely take over.

We pulled some of the most telling reviews — leaving in place the Yelpers’ sometimes-dodgy grammar and capitalization—and included them below, because the customer is always right. Find out which chains and standalones made the cut with the best restaurants of 2018, according to Yelp.