Are These The Worst Supermarkets In America?

Unless you shop for food exclusively via FreshDirect or are rich enough to have someone do your grocery shopping for you, you most likely spend a fair amount of time at the supermarket, which means you most likely have a love-hate relationship with it. Some supermarkets are excellent, but others, well, not so much. Every year, Consumer Reports releases a list of the best and worst supermarkets, and these are the worst. 

#15 Giant Eagle

This chain (which has locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Maryland) received a score of 72 out of 100, receiving especially low scores for price satisfaction and local produce quality.

#14 Winn-Dixie

Winn-Dixie, located in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi, also scored 72, receiving especially low marks for the selection of local products. 

#13 Giant

Giant received low scores in nearly every category it was judged on, receiving 71 points total. The chain has locations in Washington, D.C., Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. 

#12 Randall’s

Also receiving 71 points, this Texas chain received an OK cleanliness score, but received poor scores in pricing and local product quality. 

#11 Safeway

This chain, with locations in the Western and Central U.S., also received surprisingly low scores across the board, tying Giant and Randall's with 71 points.

#10 Jewel-Osco

Jewel-Osco, with locations in Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana, received 70 points, earning its lowest scores on price and local product quality. 

#9 Stop & Shop

Also with 70 points, this Northeast chain received poor scores in price, service, and local product quality. 

#8 Acme Markets

This Mid-Atlantic chain received at- or below-average scores in all categories (price and local product quality being the worst), tying Jewel-Osco and Stop & Shop with 70 points. 

#7 Pick ‘n Save

This Wisconsin chain received the lowest scores possible in price and local product quality, earning a middling 69 points total. 

#6 Tops

This chain, with locations in New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont, received low marks in nearly every category, scoring a 67.

#5 Shaw’s

Also with 67 points, this New England chain received its lowest scores in price and local product quality. 

#4 Pathmark

Pathmark has locations in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, and received low scores in prices, service, food quality, and cleanliness. Its 66 points are a modest improvement from 2012, when it ranked even lower.


#3 A&P

Tied for last place in the ranking, with 64 points, is A&P, which has locations in Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states. It fared poorly in just about every category. Declaring bankruptcy in July didn't help.

#2 Waldbaum’s

Also with 64 points, this New York chain received the lowest score possible on service, cleanliness, food quality, price satisfaction, and product quality/ variety. 

#1 Walmart Supercenter

Rounding out the bottom of the barrel is Walmart Supercenter, which also received 64 points, receiving the lowest marks possible in nearly every category.