America’s Best Restaurants for Ravioli

There’s something about fresh-made ravioli that just makes it better


Making great ravioli is harder than it looks. 

Making pasta from scratch isn’t extremely difficult, but it’s certainly a labor of love. On the whole, freshly made pastas taste better than those made elsewhere, frozen, and trucked in — and arguably no fresh pasta is superior to a filled pasta, ravioli in particular.

America’s Best Restaurants for Ravioli Gallery

Just about any professional chef can turn out a sheet of fresh pasta; many can do it blindfolded. But making fresh ravioli takes a little more finesse. Two long sheets of pasta need to be rolled out, the filling needs to be made, the ravioli itself needs to be assembled, cut, and cooked properly — and the sauce needs to be well-balanced and not overwhelming to the filling. Making great fresh ravioli is equal parts science and art.

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Some of the restaurants that turn out America’s best fresh ravioli are old-school red sauce joints and some are upscale fine-dining institutions. Some of them offer several different ravioli, some change theirs with the season, and some only offer one sterling creation. But these 10 restaurants all have one thing in common: They serve homemade ravioli, and it’s really, really good.