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Amazon’s Oreo Subscription Service Delivers Cookies to Your Doorstep

Subscribers will get cookies or chocolate, a recipe, and a surprise gift

The latest craze in subscription boxes is Cookie Monster approved. The Oreo Cookie Club, available through Amazon, awards each subscriber with delicious goods every month. Each box’s contents include two new or current flavors — which could be cookies or chocolate — a recipe card, and an Oreo-inspired gift, like a hat or mug.

This bundle is not sold directly through Oreo, but by online snack food seller Cyber Sweetz (though Oreo did confirm a partnership with the retailer).

A sole five-star reviewer on the service’s Amazon page says he was “pleasantly surprised” with the Chocolate Hazelnut and Hot and Spicy Cinnamon-flavored cookies, hot cocoa mix, Oreo-branded socks, and a recipe for a Hot and Spicy Cinnamon Oreo Mug Cake.


Courtesy of Oreo

However, the delivery box is pretty expensive. Expect to pay around $20 per box, because a three-month subscription costs $59.97, a six-month subscription costs $119.94, and a yearly subscription costs $239.88.

A standard pack of Oreos costs around $3 at places like Target and Walmart, but if that extra $14 is worth the convenience of getting cookies delivered to your doorstep — we support you.

And if the recipe card doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, you can bang out one of these drool-worthy Oreo-filled desserts instead.

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