Amazon Go Launches Second Cashier-Free Convenience Store

Amazon Go is officially expanding

Amazon has opened a second Amazon Go location in Seattle, and this one isn’t attached to the Amazon campus.

After the success of Amazon’s first convenience store, the online retailer launched a second physical store, Amazon Go, in downtown Seattle on August 27. The retail stop is the superbrand’s second cashier-free concept store, which lets customers pay by scanning their Amazon Go apps against a turnstile at the store’s entrance; customers then simply grab what they need off shelves and are billed automatically when they leave.

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However, as opposed to Amazon’s first grab-and-go shop located on the ground floor of the Amazon building, this store won’t be attached to the Amazon campus. It will also be smaller than its predecessor at 1,450 square feet as opposed to 1,800. The new store will only carry snacks, prepared foods, meal kits, and “staple items,” according to The Seattle Times; its predecessor had a broader grocery selection and also carried beer and wine.

Amazon still has plans to open more Go stores in Chicago and San Francisco. Curbed Chicago reported that a building permit was filed for an “Amazon Store” across from the James R. Thompson Center in the downtown Loop area, while the San Francisco Chronicle reported that permits were filed for a space in Union Square at Post and Kearny streets. Chicago remains one of the 20 cities being considered for Amazon’s second headquarters.

This expansion doesn’t come as much of a surprise — the continued rise of cashier-free concept stores is one of our food trend predictions for next year.