The 9 Best New Restaurant Burgers of 2016

The burger renaissance is still going strong
Burger Bench

Photo by Burger B. via Yelp

Burger Bench in Escondido, California is a winner. 

It’s pretty well-established by this point that a great burger is one of the most delicious and satisfying things on earth. Sure, they’re not great for you, but if you’re going to eat something unhealthy it might as well be a burger, right? Some spectacular new burgers made their debuts this year at restaurants from coast to coast, and we’ve tracked down nine of them.

The 9 Best New Restaurant Burgers of 2016 (Slideshow)

The basic burger formula never really changes: beef patty, bun, cheese, toppings. But obviously this doesn’t mean that every burger is the same. In fact, there’s more room for creativity with burgers than nearly any other American staple. Chefs can customize the size of the patty, the cuts of meat that go into it, and the method in which it’s cooked; they can choose the type of bun to serve it on; they can take their pick from hundreds of different cheeses and an infinite combination of toppings. Or if they prefer, they can just griddle up some ground chuck, melt a slice of American on it and slap it on a white hamburger bun, and it’ll still be good. And that’s the beauty of the burger.


Some of America’s best new burgers are flagship offerings at new burger-centric concepts that very well might turn into chains, some are one-off menu items at traditional restaurants. Some are expensive; some are cheap. Some debuted with lots of fanfare in a major city; some quietly launched in small towns. But they all have a couple things in common: They first hit the scene in 2016, and they’re undeniably delicious and worth seeking out.