Paul Prudhomme: Big Daddy-O's from 7 Superstar Chefs and Their Biggest Failures (Slideshow)

7 Superstar Chefs and Their Biggest Failures (Slideshow)
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Paul Prudhomme: Big Daddy-O's

At the age of 17, chef Paul Prudhomme, the youngest of 13 children, opened a hamburger stand by the name of Big Daddy-O’s in his hometown of Opelousas, La. He ground his own meat to ensure the right meat-to-fat ratio, but nothing else about it struck anyone as anything special. It closed in nine months. Prudhomme picked himself up, spent the next 13 years in kitchens across America, in 1970 returned to New Orleans, five years later was named head chef at Commander’s Palace, and went onto achieve international when he opened K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen.