This $6 Panera PB&J Sandwich Is So Disappointing


A customer shared a photo of the inside of their peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Reddit and it was super sad looking.

A Reddit user by the name DoctorDeath uploaded a photo to the popular social site of a Panera Bread peanut butter and jelly sandwich that was far from acceptable. In the picture, the two halves of bread have the thinnest spread of peanut butter (it barely covers the corners) and a smattering of jelly so small that the “J” part of “PB&J” doesn’t even seem accurate. To top it off, the sandwich cost $6.

Some Reddit commenters surmised that it could be the handiwork of a lazy sandwich-maker. “Probably just a lazy worker,” wrote modsarevirgins. “I used to work at Einstein bros and the profit margins were so big, they didn’t give a s--- about food waste at all. They were selling thousands a day. So they could've lopped a huge amount of pb and j on that s--- and they wouldn’t even care.”

Others feel that the smattering of sandwich toppings could be deliberate. “Lazy ... yea maybe,” commented seeking-n-knowing. “I went to the Panera Bread here in Issaquah, WA and asked for a tuna fish sandwich. The amount of tuna was the small scoop that filled the ring of a small sliced tomato. You can tell it was done intentionally.”


One commenter wondered why the customer would bother dining out for a PB&J at all. Matthewtheninja said, “Who goes anywhere for a PB&J sandwich? Same thing for a grilled cheese. Why would I go out to eat and pay five dollars for a sandwich I can make at home for 30 cents?” He makes a solid point — why go out for a $6 PB&J with less than a teaspoon of ingredients when you can make any of these perfect peanut butter and jelly ideas at home?