6 Of The Most Over-The-Top Sundaes Ever

6 Of The Most Over-the-Top Sundaes Ever

It's hard to improve on ice cream, but sundaes seem to do the trick.  How delicious does a sundae made with your favorite ice cream, drizzled with the syrup of your choice, and topped off with whipped cream and a cherry sound? Still, more is always better, right? That goes for ice cream, too! These shops and restaurants appreciate that logic and give the people larger and crazier sundaes than they've ever had before. Take a look at six of the most over-the-top sundaes ever. 

Bubby’s: The Kitchen Sink

At Bubby's in New York City, customers can attempt to tackle the Kitchen Sink. It comes with 16 scoops of ice cream and is topped with pretzels, pecans, peanuts, chocolate chip cookie crumbs, raspberry and cherry syrups, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, and cherries. Stick a miniature American flag on top and you have Bubby's Kitchen Sink. It'll cost you $100. There is also a Little Kitchen Sink you can get with half the ice cream for half the price. 

Cabot’s: The Grannie Special Sundae

Cabot's, in Newton, Massachusetts, serves the Grannie Special Sundae, a behemoth that contains 20 pints of ice cream. It's meant to serve between 40 and 50 people and costs $149.99. Cabot's includes three quarts of toppings, whipped cream, marshmallows, nuts, and cherries with the Grannie Special Sundae. 

Cabot’s: The Great Pyramid

Behold the largest party sundae Cabot's serves: The Great Pyramid. It contains 60 pints of ice cream, and comes with 12 quarts of toppings, whipped cream, marshmallows, nuts, and cherries. It's meant to serve up to 175 people, so bring friends. The Great Pyramid costs $249.99.

Ghirardelli: The Earthquake

Available at various Ghirardelli chocolate shops around the country, the Earthquake will ruin any diet. This sundae is customizable; choose eight scoops of whatever flavors and toppings you want, and dig in! Enjoy this fully customizable sundae for only $29.95.

Jaxson’s: Kitchen Sink

Jaxson's in Dania Beach, Florida, has some crazy sundaes. The Kitchen Sink, meant for a minimum of four people, is their signature creation. Each person picks a flavor, and it's all piled high with bananas; chocolate syrup; strawberry, pineapple, and cherry pineapple toppings; marshmallows, whipped cream, and sprinkles. It's brought to the table with sparklers blazing on top while an old-fashioned fire siren sounds. 

Jaxson’s: The Punch Bowl

The Kitchen Sink may be Jaxson's signature creation, but the Punch Bowl is their largest. It's meant to serve 12 people and contains 36 scoops of ice cream. It comes with sparklers on the top and is covered in an assortment of toppings such as whipped cream, bananas, nuts, and rainbow sprinkles. Make sure to tackle this challenge with some friends.