5 Words That Mean Something Totally Different in Connecticut

What exactly is Starbucks?
5 Words that Mean Something Totally Different in Connecticut

Photo Modified: Flickr/James Lee/CC 2.0

Would it be fair to say that Connecticut is a “mystical” place? Why yes, it would.

In New England, certain words in the English language take on a totally different meaning, and most of them will make little to no sense unless you’ve lived there.

One BuzzFeed list takes on a collection of words that can only be truly understood by people from Connecticut, and if you’re not from around those parts, you might want to take this opportunity to learn just what exactly “apizza” is.

1. Dunkin’ Donuts

Out-of-towners think: A chain of coffee shops where you can get coffee and doughnuts.

Connecticut locals know: There is no Starbucks, only Dunkin’.

2. Mystic

Out-of-towners think: Possessing an otherworldly or ethereal quality

Connecticut locals know: Mystic is a seaside paradise with tons of seafood restaurants, the Mystic Aquarium, and of course, Mystic Pizza, that pizza place where Julia Roberts worked

3. Apizza

Out-of-towners think: You’re saying “pizza” weird.

Connecticut locals know: It’s pronounced “a-BEETS” and it refers to a beloved local style of Neapolitan pizza. To get acquainted, go to Frank Pepe’s, Sally’s Apizza, or Modern Apizza.

4. Nutmeg

Out-of-towners think: A fall-centric spice

Connecticut locals know: Connecticut is known as the Nutmeg State, but not all locals know why — which, according to the Connecticut State Library, is that the nickname comes from an urban legend about Connecticut “Yankee peddlers” selling wooden nutmegs, though some versions of the story say that buyers just didn’t know that they had to grate the nutmeg first.

5. Stew Leonard’s

Out-of-towners think: Some grocery store.


Connecticut locals know: Where to start? Singing animals. Soft serve ice cream. The world’s most well-traveled grocery bag. If you were wondering, it’s also been compared to Disneyland by the New York Times.